During the past few decades, the most common hypnotherapy treatments requested were stop smoking, weight loss and alcohol addiction.

Current  life style changes and behaviour now also include cocaine and other substance abuse. It has always been available in society however; I now see more clients for this problem than anything else.

I have witnessed first-hand friends and clients lose everything, their partners, home, children, their business and their self-respect.

Hypnotherapy has proven to be a good psychological tool for helping people stop using and turning their lives around. The one requisite is the client is ready, and genuinely wants to STOP!

Dependency on alcohol and drugs destroys lives, not just for the abuser, but the damage it causes with loved ones is equally terrible.

You don’t just treat addiction you end up treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, loneliness, rage, despair, toxic secrets, regret. Then you realise addiction is often someone’s best attempt to cope with their lives when they don’t see other options.


Addiction is not only restricted to the above but extends to other issues including gambling. Whether it’s a learned behaviour, addictive personality or other factors the damage from this activity is also very damaging.

Alan knows the consequences of this activity; in his early career he was a casino manager and he has seen first-hand the after-effect gambling has to bear. What he also learned was the house always wins to the detriment of the player.


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Addiction therapy is designed to help you change your life by re-programming your mind and allowing your body to adjust and accept the changes. Don’t suffer in silence reach out for help. For a free consultation make contact.

Set out below is a unique treatment for all addictions, Shadow Therapy!



If you are struggling to overcome drink / drug / gambling addiction, smoking, stress & anxiety or any other psychological issues, within five minutes Alan will be at your side to hypnotise you day and night. This intensive programme has been proven to work for many past clients including celebrities and dignitaries worldwide. Full CONFIDENTIALITY is 100% guaranteed.

Alan Bates will be your personal Shadow Hypnotherapist and will be on call 24/7 for a full week. This strictly confidential treatment is available for every client.

Alan will reside in the nearest hotel and will discreetly blend into the shadows of your home, your work environment, travel, even on your holiday for seven days and nights and will be on call to instantly treat you. The nature of Alan’s presence will not be discussed with anyone without permission.

The full week of Shadow Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to deal with life’s negative issues while still being able to continue with your busy lifestyle.

Alan is highly qualified with 40 years’ experience. He is a full member of the Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association, has full Public Liability Insurance and a clear CRB disclosure certificate. 

 The process;

A complimentary confidential Zoom meeting will be offered initially to discuss the problems including the history, core traits and triggers. For UK residents only, a private clinic appointment, or a convenient home visit will be offered to ensure that the client is susceptible to hypnotherapy and that results are obtainable. The treatment is in English only, therefore the client must be able to speak and understand English.  

The treatment may be pre-booked after the complimentary Zoom meeting without attending for an initial treatment, on condition that hypnotherapy may, or may not be a suitable treatment for you.  

After a session of hypnotherapy, the client will then decide whether to engage this confidential service. Once the dates are contractually agreed and paid for, Alan will be on call 24/7 to assist.

A Hypnotherapy treatment will be given every day, and a review and report will be generated. A Hypnotherapy session may again be repeated at any time of the day or night if necessary.

Upon completion of the contracted treatment if further action is required, this can be negotiated and extended. When the treatment is over a personal therapy audio will be digitally produced for the client and may be used as a future therapeutic backup.

For clients outside the UK the service may be pre-booked after the complimentary Zoom meeting but without attending for an initial treatment, on condition that Hypnotherapy may or may not be suitable treatment for you.

The Next Step:

Please email Alan’s office at to make a complimentary 30 minutes Zoom meeting appointment. All questions and answers may be addressed at this stage.

On completion of the Zoom meeting, a UK clinic or home visit appointment will be offered. When the shadow treatment is booked then a confidentiality, terms & conditions contract and proforma invoice will be issued. When signed by both parties, the full non-refundable fee will be required in advance.

Financial Obligations;

UK home visit and 2-hour Hypnotherapy session £600-00.

UK clinic in Bebington, Wirral, Cheshire two-hour Shadow Consultation including a hypnotherapy session. £200-00.

The UK total fee for a seven-day Shadow treatment is £5,000-00.

UK hotel and any subsequent travel expenses within the contracted treatment dates to be met by the client and prepaid in advance.

Overseas clients, total fee for a seven-day Shadow treatment is £6,000-00 sterling. All hotel and traveling expenses within the client’s country to be prepaid and met by the client.

All fees and expenses are to be prepaid before the treatment commences.