During the past few decades, the most common hypnotherapy treatments requested were stop smoking, weight loss and alcohol addiction.

Current  life style changes and behaviour now also include cocaine and other substance abuse. It has always been available in society however; I now see more clients for this problem than anything else.

I have witnessed first-hand friends and clients lose everything, their partners, home, children, their business and their self-respect.

Hypnotherapy has proven to be a good psychological tool for helping people stop using and turning their lives around. The one requisite is the client is ready, and genuinely wants to STOP!

Dependency on alcohol and drugs destroys lives, not just for the abuser, but the damage it causes with loved ones is equally terrible.

You don’t just treat addiction you end up treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, loneliness, rage, despair, toxic secrets, regret. Then you realise addiction is often someone’s best attempt to cope with their lives when they don’t see other options.


Addiction is not only restricted to the above but extends to other issues including gambling. Whether it’s a learned behaviour, addictive personality or other factors the damage from this activity is also very damaging.

Alan knows the consequences of this activity; in his early career he was a casino manager and he has seen first-hand the after-effect gambling has to bear. What he also learned was the house always wins to the detriment of the player.


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Addiction therapy is designed to help you change your life by re-programming your mind and allowing your body to adjust and accept the changes. Don’t suffer in silence reach out for help. For a free consultation make contact.